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Do you offer a Pick Up Service?
For your convenience Lasting Floral Designs, LLC can schedule a courier service to pick up your flowers on the night of your wedding or the next day for an additional charge.  Please call 914-879-8428 for details.

Can I deliver my bouquet to you? 
You must schedule an appointment in advance to deliver to us. Please call 914-879-8428 to make an appointment.

How do I care for my Fresh Flowers until they are delivered to you?
Keep them in water, cool, and get them to us as soon as possible. Ideally, flowers should arrive at our design studio within 48 hours of the event. The fresher the flowers, the better the end result! If your bouquet has the stems wrapped with ribbon, it is most important to give the stems a fresh cut that night. You can do this by removing ½“ inch of stem with a sharp scizzor, knife or pruning shears. Keep in water and keep them cool and get them to us promptly (the day after your event is best). If Stems are ribbon-wrapped, you may remove the ribbon and save it so we can replace it later. If your flowers are in a foam holder, add water to it. Spray/sprinkle flowers with water, place a light weight plastic bag gently over them, and store in refrigerator until they are delivered to us. Check that the refrigerator is not set too cold so that the flowers will not freeze, and do not store with any fruits or vegetables.

I’m out of town, how do I ship my flowers to you?
Lasting Floral Designs, LLC preserves flowers from all over the United States. You must schedule a reservation if you’d like to ship your flowers to us. Call us at 914-879-8428 for a reservation and give us your information, necessary paperwork & deposit. Then follow the steps below to ship:

  • Tape two frozen ice packs to the bottom of a styrofoam cooler with duct tape.
  • Place 3-4″ crumpled tissue or newspaperon top of the ice.
  • Spray/sprinkle flowers with water. If hand-tied, put wet paper towels around the bottom of the stems and wrap again with plastic or foil.  If they are in foam, add more water to the foam.  Place the flowers in a large plastic bag, blow air into the bag, and tie with rubber band.  Place in cooler. Add another layer of crumpled paper on the sides and top.
  • If you have flowers from centerpieces or brides maids, pack them in another plastic bag alongside your bouquet. We can use them as spares if your bouquet requires. Also include, in a seperate bag, flowers from the groom and/or parents that you would like preserved. Place them separate from your bouquet to prevent damage, preferably on top of the newspaper. Seal the cooler with it’s top.
  • We will also need your information included with your bouquet. Print out a piece of paper with the following: • Your Name• Phone Number• Address• Email Address• City, State, and Zip• Wedding or Event Date
  • Also include, your deposit check for $150. Be sure to make your check payable to Lasting Floral Designs, LLC. You can also make a deposit online or call us to provide payment information over the phone by credit card. We require a non-refundable deposit of $150 for freeze drying your bouquet. Once your bouquet is freeze dried you will be contacted to choose a frame, matting options and additional design information. At this time a secondary payment in full will be required to complete the keepsake. The shadowbox designs run an additional $500-$700.
  • You must have a signed Terms and Conditions form on file with us to process your order. You may print out, sign and fax a form to us, or simply electronically sign a form listed under forms.
  • Take your information form, deposit check and signed Terms and Conditions form and put them in an envelope. Put the envelope in a ziplock bag. Tape the ziplock bag securely to the top of your cooler.
  • Take the cooler and put it into a cardboard box that close in size to the cooler. If there is any play around the sides of the cooler, fill in the gaps with newspaper to keep the cooler stable.
  • Seal the cardboard box. Fed-Ex or ship your box overnight with morning delivery to: Lasting Floral Designs, LLC, 23 High Ridge Road, Pound Ridge, New York 10576. Be sure to have a reservation for your bouquet to let us know it is on it’s way prior to shipping. We will give you a reservation number to write on the outside of your box. Please mark your box FRAGILE and THIS SIDE UP on the outside.

ONCE THE FLOWERS ARE PRESERVED THEY MUST BE PICKED UP IN PERSON AND CANNOT BE SHIPPED BACK. Again, if needed a courier service can be arranged to hand deliver your finished piece back to you at an additional charge.

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