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What is Freeze-Dried Floral Preservation?
Freeze-dried floral preservation is the best process of preserving flowers in the industry.  Flowers are placed in a specialized state-of-the-art machines designed to freeze the flowers to -60 degrees. Then the moisture is slowly (approx 10-14 days) extracted by use of a vacuum pump, as the temperature is slowly increased.

What is the process?
It is most important to get the flowers to us A.S.A.P.  The fresher they are when we get them, the better the results. Upon arrival, we re-hydrate the flowers, photograph and tag your flowers.  Each bloom will be pre-treated with one of our many specially developed solutions to insure the best color and quality results.  Then they are ready for the freeze-dry machine, followed by the design process.  During the design process, each flower is reinforced and wired individually, and the bouquet completely recreated in a 3-dimensional form. Your arrangement is then placed in a shadow box of your choice.

When should I place my order?
You must contact us as soon as possible to reserve a space in our freeze-dryer.   You may email us at

How long does flower preservation take?
Our average turnaround time for orders is 10-14 weeks. It may take longer then that depending on the bridal season. You can avoid longer delays by finalizing ALL your order details and providing us with all necessary keepsake items you’d like included, finalize your documentation & complete payment.

Why does it take so long?
The process of freeze-drying and framing is intensely detailed & requires a high level of skill. These are the primary reasons why we have few competitors who can match our level of quality. The inability to predict an exact turnaround time is innate to the process itself. The process of preserving the blooms takes anywhere from 4-8 weeks. Once your blooms are dry, we individually put wire stems on them and color enhance each bloom, a labor intensive and slow process.

Can all flowers be preserved?
Almost, 95% of flowers can be preserved.  Some flowers in the Orchid and Lily family do not freeze-dry as well as other flowers. In some cases we will need to replace flowers that do not freeze-dry well with quality silks. The condition of the flowers at the time we receive them plays a role in how well they preserve.  Some foliage have to be replaced with newly preserved flowers, silks or preserved greenery.  Any added flowers or silk replacements will be at an additional charge.

Do the flowers change color?
Usually slight color variations can occur in the freeze-dry process.  Some reds may deepen, whites may take on a soft ivory color. Vivid Pinks and Purples may slightly change hue. Lasting Floral Designs, LLC takes advantage of the latest techniques and technology in pre and post-color treatment to insure the best possible results.

How long will freeze-dried flowers last?
Lasting Floral Designs, LLC has invested over 25 years developing the best methods for floral preservation, and the many steps we take in our process insure that your floral keepsake will last for many years to come! Over those years, some flower shades may soften, but the overall shape and appearance of your piece will remain beautiful. Some factors that affect the longevity of your piece include the flower condition upon arrival to our design studio, and the amount of sunlight, heat and humidity they are exposed to once the piece is in your home.  Do not display flowers in direct sunlight, if near a heat source, or in a humid area, such as a bathroom.

When Do I Decide on Design?
You don’t have to pick out a display case until the flowers are freeze-dried. We will call you when your flowers dried (approx. 4 to 8 weeks), and if you have not already done so, send your keepsakes into us and pick out a case. We encourage you to pick out a display case and send your additional items before that time, so we can have the display case ordered and ready by the time the flowers are freeze-dried.

What can I include with my flowers?
Many clients love to include other items from their special day. This could be your invitation, a photo, a cake top, the grooms boutonniere, or anything you’d like to cherish along with your preserved flowers. It’s your keepsake so it should include whatever means the most to you!

Can I give the gift of preservation to a special bride?
Many brides are given the gift of immortalizing their bridal bouquet by way of a Lasting Floral Designs, LLC gift card. This is often times the most memorable, favorite gift you can give to a bride, that she will treasure and give her years of happiness, long after the wedding!


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