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How much does Floral Preservation cost?
This answer really depends on your budget and the type and size of the display you select.  We can preserve a single rose and put it in a display dome for $65.00, or you can get one of our Custom Shadow Boxes and display all your wedding keepsakes in it starting at $500.00. The average customer’s keepsake design being between: $250.00-$750.00.

Frame 11 x 14                    $500 + $150 = $650

Frame 12 x 16                   $550 + $150 = $700

Frame 16×20                     $600 + $150 = 750

Frame 20×24                    $700 + $150 = $850

Shadow Box 8×10             $450 + $150 = $600
(Floral Hedge + $50 for custom cut Mat)

Shadow Box 10×12            $550 + $150 = $700

Shadow Box 12×16            $600 + $150 = $750

Shadow Box 16×16            $650 + $150 = $800

Shadow Box 16 x 20         $800 + $150 = $950

Shadow Box 20×24            $900 + $150 = $1050

Dome Prices (Must add on Freeze-Dry Cost)

Extra Small    3”x4 ½”    $95

Small               4”x7”         $135
Small               5.2”x8”     $200

Medium          8”x8”         $350

Large               10×10”       $475

Extra Large    10×15”        $600


Conservatory                     $500.00 + (cost varies depending on bouquet size)

Other Displays                   $50.00-$350.00

These domes are not large enough for most wedding bouquets. Please speak with a designer about which size will work best for your specific flowers.

Additional Charges:

Cascading Bouquets          $50.00 +

Replacement Flowers        $50.00 +

Floral hedge add an additional $50 for custom cut mat

Please ask a floral designer for specific costs

Price does not include cost of freeze drying. Bouquet Freeze-Dry Preservation only without framing: $150.00 (standard size, round bouquet), this cost is additional to your choice of display and labor.

Freeze-drying alone option, although not recommended, is available for those who do not want their flowers mounted inside a keepsake box. It’s important to understand that if you choose to take your bouquet back as is after it has been freeze dried, it will be extremely fragile. Your bouquet will be freeze dried and handed back to you without any protection or additional work and Lasting Floral Designs, LLC is not responsible for the quality, care or appearance of your bouquet.

Please be sure when submitting your bouquet to being freeze-drying you have included a signed Terms and Conditions form provided in the above tabs, along with your deposit check of $150, this will cover the freeze-drying of your bouquet only without framing. Please make your check out to Lasting Floral Designs, LLC. If you’d prefer to pay by credit card you can call us with your information. We accept all major credit cards.

All charges will be subject to a 8.375% Westchester NY sales tax fee.

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